Its great to look back at all the work we have achieved. Each project has had new discoveries and old friends.

Customizable Product Catalogue for iPad

Client: Cook Medical

The Overview

Founded in 1963 in Indiana, Cook Medical makes 16,000 products that serve 13 hospital lines. This family-owned business distributes medial products to 135 countries worldwide.

The Challenge

Cook Medical has an enormous product catalog with a variety of content (imagery, journal articles, case studies, videos etc.). Different business units within the organisation prefer to control their own content and would like to be able to display this content in a flexible “product catalogue” iPad application in which they could drop in HTML pages with associated media as product detail pages.

Within Cook Medical are a number of talented HTML/JS designers that are capable of creating excellent pages within an app. This project is to build the framework iPad application to allow the business units to deliver content to the “product catalogue” app using familiar technologies (HTML/ CSS/JS).

The Solution

Working with Cook Medical’s UX and Branding teams, we initially developed a standalone prototype application viewable via web browser. This ensured that we could minimise the time in getting the look and feel and enables us to build the input templates for HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Whilst we assembled the basic framework as a native IOS iPad application, Cook’s designers constructed some test content using the standardised templates, enabling them to give feedback on the templates ease of use earlier in the development phase. We constructed a number of native IOS controls that could be configured by HTML and CSS so that menu structure and application content could be injected into the iPad application. Cook Medical asked that we delivered the source code of the IOS application so that their developers could extend the framework as need. We decided that working with Cook’s developers from the outset and sharing code via GitHub enabled the client’s developers to ask questions of the code as it was being built, ensuring that the source code required minimum documentation and was sufficiently modular for future maintenance and change.

Working together with both business and technical teams resulted in a very quick testing and acceptance phase as a result of the familiarity with source code and application operation. This meant that Cook Medical could focus on rolling the application out to their sales teams.

Project highlights

  • We received very positive feedback from both the business and development teams
  • Building a native IOS application that could be defined by simple HTML and CSS was a technical challenge
  • We worked with real UX experts from Cook Medical and had an opportunity to learn some new approaches to user experience