Its great to look back at all the work we have achieved. Each project has had new discoveries and old friends.

Web based logistics application

Client: Briconomics

The Overview

Briconomics, established in 1998, are dedicated to helping fundraisers in organisations both large and small, meet fundraising targets with personalised engraved bricks and stones for walls for walkways. This establishes a positive and lasting impression for years to come and creates a strong bond with all those involved.

One of Briconomics clients, West Bromwich Albion offers the products to their fans. The Baggies Brick Road at the Hawthorns is made up of personalised engraved bricks that are laid in a special walkway constructed in front of the turnstiles of the East Stand. These are available for purchase through a white label Briconomics site.

Another client, Demelza Children’s Hospice have produced the Len Goodman Celebration Tree together with Briconomics. This is a chance for groups, individuals or corporates to mark a special occasion with a engraved leaf or apple on a ornamental tree in the hospice’s garden.

The Challenge

Up until our involvement, the Briconomics physical retail products had been entirely served through web sales. Our challenge was to understand their existing business and work with them to find the best way of integrating the new product into their web sales and back office processes.

The Solution

We started by looking at the existing processes and listening to the pains of the client. We then looked at a product that would incorporate all their customers’ requirements and needs. This developed into a private web application that enables Briconomics staff to manage the sales cycle and fulfilment of the physical product, bringing together the necessary communication with manufacturer, distributors and internal back office systems. Once this was in place, understood and being used, we worked closely with the staff to tweak and make additions to the features of the software.

“Briconomics used a haphazard series of time consuming and manual processes to fulfil the production of our personally engraved products. Ensuring the integrity of the data used to engrave our products is of paramount importance.

We also had a very outdated and ‘clunky’ back office system which allowed our customers to enter their orders on-line but with no way of handling the production process.

Our goal was to integrate all the many complex processes into one user friendly on-line system." From the outset WiredThing, totally immersed himself with all aspect of our business to ensure he entirely understood our needs. Through his tireless patience he managed to interpret our vision of what we needed and create the fully integrated system we needed to streamline and grow our business. WiredThing’s quality of work and attention to detail throughout the entire project was extremely impressive we are confident that our new system will give us a distinct advantage over our competitors.

We look forward to maintaining a positive and productive relationship in the future with WiredThing as our company grows and evolves. Needless to say, we highly recommend WiredThing.”

Julie Kirrage, Head of Customer Services, Briconomics Ltd

Project highlights

  • Working with small businesses that are undergoing rapid growth was as exciting for us as it was for them
  • The solution enables Briconomics to manage their logistics in helping organisations large and small in the UK and around the world to raise funds with personalised engraved Walls and Walkways
  • The manual process that were put in place to enable rapid growth became its Achilles heel. We encapsulated a fragmented set of processes into a single management interface reducing key worker risks