WiredThing is a software development company focused on tailor-made applications.

Your business

We love learning about your business. We want to hear about your industry, your challenges, and how much your customers value you. We understand your priorities and plans change.

Our experience

We're a small, approachable company with a wealth of experience dedicated to project delivery. In 2010 we decided to bring all of that experience together to form WiredThing.

We work with organisations internationally in a wide variety of industries including government, finance, retail, and publishing. Our developers share a love of programming and we all share a passion for finding effective solutions for the problems at hand.

Our breadth of industry experience enables us to offer consultancy and agile management in all business areas.

We, at WiredThing focus on producing, developing and building products that we are in love with. Solving your problems gives us passion, motivation and drive.

Joint delivery

We start a project focused on one thing: delivering a product that adds value to your business on time and within your budget. WiredThing use the Agile Project Management Method. Because we require your input to your project, the end result is that you get exactly what you want from us.

Of course we can draw up project plans and requirements documents, but we treat software development as a process where everyone involved can learn, generate ideas and adapt as the project progresses. We like you as customer to decide what is best for your business and how you use your software.

We're not afraid of dealing with changes along the way, even major ones. That sounds great in theory, but ultimately the value of our approach is demonstrated by our excellent track record of delivery. Find out more

We will develop your project at a pace that is right for you - together, let’s get the basics sorted and the rest will follow.

Agile projects often mean agile budgets. We commit to a fixed price and time with the opportunity to change the scope as we progress together.

The way we work

We believe in real people, real conversations and not in automated responses or messages.

We understand and believe in what we are doing.

We don’t employ or outsource before we’ve tried it ourselves.

We don’t waste & we don’t moan.

We focus on the what people will always want and the areas that won’t change; Reliability, affordability & simplicity.

We enjoy showing you how we can get a job done, not showing off our skill sets.

We are not able to offer you ‘everything’. This is because we only produce what we excel at. And we are proud of this.

We believe Customer Service comes from the top.

We enjoy blogging, sharing, teaching and learning.

We don't have any secrets - imperfections are a reality.

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